How You Can Help Others Live Life To The Fullest By Becoming A Life Coach

Dec 04, 2017

If you strive to empower people personally and professionally, a career in life coaching might be right for you.


What Do Life Coaches Do?


Life coaches assist people in finding fulfilment from their lives by helping them create and achieve their dream career, breaking down mental barriers, advising them on how to cultivate loving relationships and teaching them methods to improve their physical and mental health. Since there is such a broad spectrum of topics, most life coaches choose to dedicate their career to a niche they are passionate about.


How to Become a Life Coach


There are many routes to follow to become a life coach, but one of them is offered by Integrative Life Coaching in Cape Town. Integrative Life Coaching offers a fully accredited training program from COMENSA - leading accreditation body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa.


How to Make Money as a Life Coach


1. Create a website

The best way to get the word out is to have an online presence, and by creating a website, you will achieve this goal. Having a website creates an online platform where potential clients can read more about you and the services you offer. Make sure you make use of professionals that can help rank your website high up in Google for clients to find you easily.


2. Blog about life coaching

Creating quality, helpful content for your website is vital for any business. If you create content that will attract people to your website time and time again, you will grow your client base quickly.


3. Be active on social media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, are great sites to connect with potential clients. Keep in mind that you'll need to engage with commenters to become credible and build a relationship.


4. Offer workshops

Workshops and seminars are a great tool to meet many potential clients at once and get your name out there locally.


To become a successful life coach, you'll need to be passionate and truly committed to helping individuals with their problems and life struggles. If you feel you are called to become a life coach, speak to the team at Integrative Life Coaching and find out how you can start your new career.


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