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I intend to empower each and every person to see and use the magnificence that already exists within you.  I want to do that for you too.  When I was nineteen, I consciously began to explore personal development.  Personal experiences and traumas in my past led me to this point.  I began to search for a solution, a way to conquer my inner demons.  Through this journey, I discovered my purpose in life.  I am here to help you.  I want you to achieve your greatest destiny. 

I have been in the field of personal development and self-mastery for over 20 years.  In this time, I studied many different forms of meditation, yoga, philosophy and esoteric paths.  I traveled to India and spent six months in solitude in the Himalayas.  I meditated, studied and searched the depths of my being.  I desired enlightenment.  When I returned to my home in 2003, I opened a successful yoga and meditation school.  This transformed into my current coaching practice.

I’ve trained and qualified as a Masters in NLP life coaching, hypnotherapy, time paradigm techniques, stress biofeedback, and relationship and business coaching.   I have spent my life collecting and developing tools to help people empower themselves.  I also remain dedicated to my own personal development.  Over time, these experiences transformed my life personally.  The essence of true personal mastery began to emerge. 

With this diverse background, I created a life coaching program.  Over the past several years though, this has transformed into a new process of integrative therapy. I call it “Authentic Self Rediscovery.”  It explores a journey through your past and present. It helps you understand why you have chosen the path you have and how you arrived where you are today.  It helps you decide if this is the path you need to continue in life.  With this method, we can clear our past from negative experiences and integrate them into our present lives, both conscious and unconscious.  We can achieve our future dreams, hopes, and desires today.  We can do this every day as individuals.  We live our lives fulfilled.  Every day. 

I continue to develop my coaching process. I started a PhD in 2010 in the applied psychology of stress and focusing on the “Examining the Use of Living Theory in the Development of an Integrative Psychological Approach to Coaching/Therapy”.   I continue to constantly search deeper into myself and my process.  I work to refine the process of helping my clients explore their inner truth.  Together, we work to unlock their Authentic Self.  This allows them to create lasting change and live the lives they want and deserve.   It helps them discover their true path in life. 

We all take different journeys through the life experience.  Some you wanted to take.  Some others made you take.  However, it is important for you to decide your path and follow it every day.  Just because something is right for one person will never make it right for another.  Yet, often we find ourselves on paths that don’t seem right for us. This likely is true for you.  I will help you return to the path you are meant to travel.  We can ensure that you feel comfortable on this journey.  You will find a way to live your life in the manner you see best. 

Many of my past experiences also consisted of journeys I didn’t want to take.  There were times I wondered how I would survive the experiences.  There were times when I wanted to be anyone but myself, just to escape from the heartache and pain. Sound familiar?  However, I realized that these past experiences were gateways into myself and through the process of self-awareness has allowed me to experience a fuller life in my present.  I continue on this journey today, every day. We can choose to face ourselves and make the most of every moment in our lives.  You only have the present to choose.   The Eskimos have a proverb:  Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood.  Only today does the fire glow brightly.   Make the present glow as brightly as possible within your life.

Contact me if you want to now live the life of your dreams and together we will explore and unlock your hidden potential. 


Spiro Yaffes



I have been involved in several different career paths and gained experience in various disciplines( yoga and martial arts ) over a period of time, however, my passion for self discovery, personal awareness and transformation have always been the major motivating factors that have driven me towards becoming a coach.

I get a greater sense of my purpose as a human being, when I am able to help others to achieve their goals because I have a genuine interest in their well being. I believe that I am fulfilling my destiny if I am able to help someone to find healing for their soul and to move closer to the point of self realization and fulfillment. For me this point is where they become confident in their own abilities to manage demands from a variety of areas in their lives, be it work, family, social, emotional or spiritual.

Over the years many people have told me that they are able to relate to me on a very deep level, and entrust me with matters that concern the soul. So in some ways I have always been on a path to becoming a Life Coach.


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