Hi Warren

Life-Coaching-Testimonials-2.jpgI can feel the energy of my inner body, the mental noise slows down. I feel it in my hands, feet, abdomen, chest. The life that animates my body. I let the ego concrete wall tumble by the force of a tsunami wave. There is no real loss ever, so to speak. The flowing river that I am, an observer. My body becomes a doorway into a deeper dimension, a sense of aliveness underneath the fluctuating emotions and thinking. There is an aliveness I feel with my entire being. Not just in the head. My mind can still operate when the greater intelligence, my soul expresses itself through me, I may allow my soul to see the darkness, see the light, I am beginning to experience life through my safe vessel carrying the divine with so much love.

My journey with you a truly a remarkable experience. With a gentle, humble and grateful heart that is open Warren I thank you with all I am!

A. C.

When I first started seeing Warren, I had reached a point in my life where I felt stuck. I was very frustrated that I wasn’t moving forward in any aspect of my life. I was unhappy in my own space and felt that there was no way out, no matter how hard I tried.

What I didn’t realise was how much of a negative impact my own thoughts, feelings and actions were having on my life. Warren helped me to identify and subsequently clear out all the negative emotions that I had been harbouring for years. By clearing out the rot, my eyes were opened to endless possibilities that had been there all along. I just couldn’t see them.

The transformation that I’ve seen in myself the last few months is incomparable to anything I’ve experienced before. I am gaining the confidence I need to let go of my fear, to follow my heart and to live the life that I truly want.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I feel hopeful and so excited about my future because I now know that anything is possible. Warren is helping me get my life back and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Yours sincerely



In this instantaneous world of self-gratification, I discovered that I wanted everything now! I always knew there was something missing in my life. I did not understand the full extent of it in the beginning when I started my journey with you as my guide, but what I did know is that I am committed to lasting change no matter what it takes. With you, I discovered that it is only in being authentic, that I can access my true emotions, anger, pain, sadness and joy. With that came the understanding of facing my truth, reality and the structures I unconsciously put in place to cope as a child. I found that I have a choice, free will, to take responsibility of my life, future and happiness through discovering how my unconscious mind works in my life. My life is in my hands, physiological and physical.

Embarking on my journey, I found that advice can never lead me to what I am looking for, but Warren with our passionate and truthful guidance, I gained access to a part of me I forgot existed. I realized that a lifelong journey of self-discovery takes a lot of courage, patience, dedication and trust. With the right support structures in place anything is possible. I found that my left brain structured thinking, hampers my growth in so many ways, making rules become my limitation, I am starting to see that now. Your inspiration dared me to be creative again and all  I can say is that the empowerment of this never seizes to amaze me.  Some people wants to develop in areas like wealth creation, careers, relationships, marriage or personal relationships with themselves, without saying, I soon realized that results are beginning to show in every facet of my existence, because nothing operates in isolation, the web of life. Warren for what you showed me and what still awaits me, I thank you for each hour of your week the last couple of years. I will forever be grateful to you with all I am.

For one I personally yearned for my sadness to go away. Today I am only beginning to understand that it does not work quite like that. It is only by accepting and letting go that I begin to see for the first time….. Well, I guess I will leave the details to your future clients to discover for themselves.

Yours sincerely

Alberta Coetzee

Hi Warren,
Life-Coaching-Testimonial-1.jpgThought I'd send you a quick note to say thank you and then this email came along and also reminded me to do so.
Thank you for creating a space for me this year where I could take a courageous leap and feel that I'm being caught.  
Thank you for not making me feel like I'm being judged, for listening to what I often feel is incoherent stories and somehow making sense of it! For continuing to hone your skills, in the service of others. I have been to many therapists, none that have your ability to work through trauma - it truly is a gift. Thank you for inspiring me to take my own coaching more seriously and for being a role model to me.
This has been a year of acceptance and transformation for me, particularly the quality of my relationships. I know that it is because of my willingness and your skills that I've been able to get to this point.  
I hope you have a restful holiday - that's full of laughter & joy! See you in 2018!  
A friend sent this article on to me this morning (God has a sense of humor) - and I was surprised to see that you're not the author! 

Client (Anonymous)

Dear Warren, 

Thank you for helping in getting my life back on track. Your training has transformed and revolutionised me. 

For the first time in a long time I can truly say I am excited and look forward to my future.
Thank you for helping me to realise my true potential.
I will be forever grateful.

I will be telling all my friends about this and recommend them to you.

Thank you,
Charmaine Davids

Hi Warren,

Your confidence / Strength / Calmness is addictive and inspirational.

Information is powerful and explanations, examples and experiences given makes it easier to understand the amazing mind.

Thanks for switching the button on.

Thank you,
Maria Viljoen

Thanks Warren,

A very rewarding, powerful program. Ties up a lot of loose ends. Gave me tools I was longing for and picked me up were I stood.

Would not have missed it for anything.

Warren is an inspiration to be the best you can be.

Enjoyed the format and structure of the course. Would recommend it anytime to those seeking it.

Thank you,
Richard Schubert

Hey Warren,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very successful coaching sessions that I had with you! Your passion and zeal for life is very evident and encouraging on so many levels for me, which truly shows in your professional and empowering coaching sessions! What impressed me the most was your understanding and willingness to help me see the magnificence in myself and others once again! You gave me a gift that I will keep for the rest of my life, thank you! :)

Warren, you are a phenomenal person in your heart, mind and soul! And it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have you as my coach, and I know that you will pass your passion and zeal for life on to every personal who has the privilege of having you as their Life Coach! :)

Your friend and life empowered brother!
Nic King

Dear Warren,

Wow, at first I thought what the heck, what have I got to loose? But now it's a case of WOW... I have gained so much and I can't begin to explain it... people keep asking so what was it about? How was it? What did he do? And all I can say is "I can't explain it but WOW I feel Good!! I feel the change in my soul and people can see it. I have always been happy on the outside but now I'm happy on the inside, I was always happy for others, but now I'm happy for ME!! I don't feel alone and whats strange is nothing externally has changed, but now I know I'm not alone and love is inside of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making me Love ME! (And all this in just 3 days!!! WOW) You're a gift to this world Warren I feel blessed to have met you and hope to know you for ever!

Thanks you,
Candice Castro

Hi Warren,

Joy and Happiness - Letting Go / Getting rid of my Anger - THANK YOU! For Helping me help myself, you are beautiful! Now I can Move!

Thanks you,
Bianca Clarke

Dear Warren,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work that you have done with me over the past 6 months or so. The difference it has made to my life has been astounding, not to mention the difference it has made to my outlook and perception of my world and the world around me! Not just that, but the tools you have empowered me with are tools that are here to stay! They are practical and realistic and I use them all the time. They make me feel grounded and secure and confident with who I am. I know it may sound a little 'cheesy' but this work has really changed my life! I cannot thank you enough.

Thanks again,


Thank-you for helping me make amazing changes in my life.

There are so many people out there who need help and you are an amazing coach.


Dear Warren,

What can I say about a person who came into my life for a short concentrated period? Who took me through I process I experienced to the full and yet still don't truly understand - after which I know for certain that as a result of this process my life has been changed for the better, forever...

Maybe a simple thank-you will suffice ... or will you Warren get your unspoken thank-you from the results I achieve in my life after having been coached by you...?

Warren, I know the result will speak for themselves much louder than this written thank-you... but for what it's worth now... ...Thank-you, may your applied knowledge and enthusiasm for your coaching enrich many other people lives like you have mine.

Angus McCallum-Brown
Former - General Manager
BirCraft cc. (Electric Motors & Linear Actuators)

Hi Warren,

Just wanted to say thank you! After our brief session with parts-integration my personal relationships have improved. I can experience love now like never before, it has always been there, I just chose to not open myself up to the possibility. That has changed now, thank you.



THANK YOU, for being an inspiration and a great coach, for holding my hand when I was doubting myself but most of all for your time in empowering me. If anyone in Cape Town or anywhere needs a life coach I'll definitely give them your number without any hesitation. 

You are devoted; the best in transforming people's lives and you do that so passionately. I'm forever grateful for changing my life.

Truly inspired,


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