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Over the years there has been a growing shift towards individuals and companies seeking help in improving performance, getting the life they want, increase productivity and all kinds of improvement in human development. With that, there has been a rise in the demand for professional Life Coaches.

Due to the fact that life coaching is an ungoverned profession, just about anyone can call themselves a life coach nowadays. There are coaching schools that offer as little as 3 hours of training to become a certified life coach, others 3 weeks and some 10 weeks. Now that may be enough time to read through some notes and experience or witness coaching techniques and skills, but is that what it takes to become an excellent coach?

Our Integrative Life Coach Training program is fully Accredited with South Africa’s leading accreditation body for Coaching and Mentoring (Comensa).

What it takes to become an excellent coach? If you feel that you are passionate and committed to creating lasting and meaningful change in people’s lives as well as your own, then perhaps you should consider a career as an Integrative Life Coach. There is first something you should consider, less than 5% of coaches who study to become a life coach continue on and become successful. So that's 95% fail at becoming a successful life coach.

I have found a different approach to training that is aligned with how my own training evolved. It certainly is not a quick 3 weeks of training. You will finish your training with the skills, knowledge and understanding to coach almost anyone that walks into your office. What you will be doing is going through your own personal one-on-one “apprenticeship” style process of Self-Awareness and a Personal Evolution and Integration of Consciousness, as well as learning what is important to become a world class Integrative Life Coach. Through this process you will not only learn, but actualize the awareness that is required to affect real lasting change in individuals. As well as exploring the history and evolution of coaching along with writing reports to help you synthesize the information you receive.

This is not a quick fix process, there really is no such thing, but it is sure way to achieve what you want in your own life and the lives of your soon to be clients.

In the process of developing this training we drew on many fields, like:

These aren’t subjects taught, they are just some of the fields in which the Integrative Life Coach Training emerged from. Our Program is currently leaps and bounds beyond the conventional "off the shelf" training.

Remember this approach to Life Coach Training is NOT for everyone, and there is a brief interview process for applicants to be accepted into the program

If you are interested in becoming an Integrative Master Life Coach and you want to make an informed decision about the kind of Life Coach you want to be and the kind of Life Coach Training you want, then fill in your details on the right, now if you are extremely serious about our training you can also call us on 021 418 5080 to set up your Free intro session.

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