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The harder you work the more stressed you become, this leads to all kinds of issues and without even realizing it lowers your own level of functioning and performance. 

If you think of your top major challenges, be it from:

These are just some of the many issues and challenges you face on a daily basis. How you self-manage is critical and what often happens is that you just push through, which leads to forfeiting other areas of your life, including your health.

Executive coaching has never been more in demand. Why..? Because more and more Top Level Executives and Managers are taking on more and more stress. Whether you're a startup juggling every function of the business, managing teams of people, developing strategies for business or you are the visionary, we can help you greatly in maintaining inner balance and transforming your company, to make it more productive, more profitable and actually, just the way you always wanted it.

Whether you are looking to solve staff retention, interpersonal problems, or management issues, we can help. Do you want to create a more productive environment, to empower your staff, or to train your sales people to become an unstoppable sales force?  We can help.  Or if you are just striving for constant excellence and general improvement... or anything else that has to do with your business needs - Executive Coaching can really help you.

True business leaders will agree that the learning never stops. The moment we think that we have it all, and that there is no space for improvement... we stop learning and we prevent further growth. This is however a common and unfortunate mistake. The real advantage is that we come for free, really.  When you compare where the company is right now and where it will be by the time we are done, the company will benefit so much more than what our fees are. We create tailored simple solutions for you and your company that have shown to improve problem solving, working memory and overall cognitive function.

Our Integrative Executive and Leadership Development Coaching is the effective tool that enhances performance. Leading edge corporations employ these programs for their executives.  Why?  They work.

Most executives do not cope well with stress and its symptoms (insomnia, migraines, anxiety, loss of focus, memory issues,  etc.) This results in the failure of business objectives, the incapacity to generate and sustain high-performing teams and the inability to adapt transitional changes. But most importantly these executives don't meet their business targets!

Our approach is based in neuroscience that has been clinically shown to improve brain and behavioural patterns. The results have shown improved cognitive performance and stress resilience.

Studies show that this approach improves problem solving abilities, working memory and cognitive function.  But this approach is not for every CEO or Exec: Please check some of the challenges we've helped leaders resolve and see if they are like yours:

Do you and your colleagues need to:

Thank you for your interest in our Integrative Executive & Leadership Development services.

Are you ready to really start living the life that you want? If you are...

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