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Having a life coach can literally Transform Your Life

Online-Life-Coaching-Direction.jpgThis sounds like a bold statement, And it’s true. The fact remains that we are often so easily fooled by our own minds. Now to clarify what I mean is that we supress stuff that we dislike, and the more we dislike it, the deeper we supress it. This might not seem like a problem but it is. The reason is, because our unconscious is constantly influencing our thoughts, behaviours and decisions, without our conscious awareness. That means that we aren’t even aware of how your unconscious plays a role in what is happening in your life, right now; and how we interpret events, how we understand things and even what we “choose” to notice at any given moment.

Online-Life-Coaching-Magic.jpgHaving a life coach/therapist that can help you identify, understand and integrate these unconscious influences meaning that you’d see the world and yourself differently. You’d made different decisions and ultimately end up with different outcomes. That’s what you want, right? That’s why you’re here, aren’t you? Because you want something different than what you have, even if it’s a matter of wanting more, that’s what I can help you with. Let’s rediscover the magic that within you. 

 Choose the Right Coach

Now it’s also critical that your life coach suits your needs. Finding a life coach is difficult and sometimes too far away, making it challenging to maintain consistent sessions. The invention and development of technology has made it faster to connect with anyone in nearly every part of the globe. This makes it easier to get access to world class professional life coaching no matter where you live.

Online-Life-Coaching.jpgI have coached clients from all over the world, some have even been at sea. As long as the internet connection is fast enough for video/audio then you're ready to start. Currently I connect via Skype and so far it seems to be perfect for 1-on-1 online life coaching, personal development, stress management and pretty much anything I do in a normal in person session, even hypnotherapy.

The online life coaching process works exactly the same as the face to face sessions.

If you’re ready to begin now, then let’s start with a free initial consultation. Just fill out the form on your right or click on the contact me link and my assistant will contact you to setup everything up.

Otherwise you can read more on the Integrative life coaching main page.

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