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The Integrative Coaching APP

A supportive app to help you get started with life coaching right Now.

This app will help you:
• Build Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness
• Reduce Stress and Increase Effectiveness
• Help you remain entered and grounded
• Be more successful

Welcome to our Life Coaching App called The Time Creator.

Incase you want to get started with a life coaching session right now, I've developed an app that is used as a supportive tool in my life coaching process.

The app was designed for Life Coaching, Stress Management, Self-Therapeutic processes, Personal Development and Self-Awareness, but its applications are endless and can support you in anything you want to achieve.

Setup predefined times or use it whenever you feel the need to reflect, relax or de-stress.

Both processes within the app require that you find a place where you can focus on the instructions and questions given without being disturbed.

The Reflective process will help you identify, acknowledge and integrate unconscious contents that might or might not even be aware of yet. By going through this process you will be aligning yourself more and more with your authentic nature, your true self.

The Breath Awareness process is will help you engage the relaxation response. It is a very simple process of observing your breath and mental focus. This will help you to relax and completely De-Stress.

Each session will begin and end with asking you your stress levels and state of being. You can then view your process graphically on the stats page. You can also email your stats to your psychologist, therapist or life coach.

Explore your Consciousness.

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