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The Universal Guide to Yoga


Yoga is practised by thousands of people all over the world. Some use it as a form of release, relaxation and exercise. Others use it to calm and focus the mind in order to help them achieve their goals. And yet others use it as a guide on their spiritual path. This is where so many people become confused. Today there are many different styles of yoga guided by different gurus, and so we tend to associate the practice of Yoga with a specific style of Yoga. By doing this, we end up following our gurus way rather than our own way. We must learn to forge our own path, using yoga as our map to guide and direct us.

Yoga is a very practical path by nature and the aspirant is not forced to believe in anything, only to examine his or her own situation, starting with the current state of body and mind, and then delving deeper and deeper until the True Self is revealed.

The Universal Guide to Yoga covers all aspects of yoga, both physical and spiritual, and includes basic and advanced techniques to help you:

Raja Yoga is the path of practical application in stilling the mind through the path set out by Patanjali, codified in the Yoga Sutras. In this book you will be exposed to a universal style of Yoga, one that captures all of the aspects of the Yoga system through integration and oneness.

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